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From the beginning; why I chose escorting.

How or why did I start escorting? A common question that I’m always very happy to answer.

I was seventeen years young, fully engrossed in a series called ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl’ and new to the glamorous concept of being a prostitute. Before I’d set eyes on Billy Piper I thought prostitution was very dangerous, dark and only for those that needed money in desperate situations. I was naive, obviously.

I watched a series or two and became obsessed with the idea of being an escort. At this point I was eighteen and legally ready to put myself to the test. So I did.

I signed up to an agency, ran by a man. Looking back now I know I was very lucky that he happened to be, from what I knew and saw, a very lovely guy who never once suggested anything untoward and was always very professional. We first met in a pub so that I could feel safe and we ran through the basics. I remember him telling me “you do know that clients expect sexual activity, it’s not dinner dates and shopping trips”, which of course I knew!

At this point in my life I was young and care free. I had no real responsibilities, no one depending on me and was able to do exactly as I wanted. I wasn't in debt or in desperate need of money, nor did I have a set goal that I wanted to reach by escorting. I was simply attracted to the possibility of earning good money by doing something that I thought was quite empowering.

I was always very open sexually and didn't feel it was morally wrong to have sex with a stranger. However, I definitely wasn't the kind of girl to sleep around or stagger home with a guy after a night out. That just wasn't, and still isn't, me. So for me, escorting seemed like a great way to have secret escapades.

Annoyingly, I don't actually remember my first ever booking and/or client. Which seems strange, I know. I remember all of my 'firsts' but not in chronological order. Let me explain my 'firsts'. Once I joined the agency I entertained a handful of clients, maybe fifteen over a four month period. I definitely didn't feel like Belle de Jour that's for sure. I found it quite difficult because I was actually a very shy eighteen year old. I was actually quite frigid, I didn't enjoy taking the lead or even making the first move, I was quiet and reserved. I believe my bedroom skills were okay but comparing myself to who I am today, I really wasn't the kind of escort I wanted to be at the time. I had all the ideas in my head but I just felt terribly awkward trying to bring them to life. These days I'll look a client straight in the eye and ask him to fuck me over the sofa but back then I could barely ask to use the bathroom!

Then along came a boyfriend which put a hold on my not so aspiring escort career. Except one client that I naughtily exchanged numbers with outside of the agency. We continued to meet in secret while I had my relationship. I was content within my relationship but escorting always played on my mind. I felt I hadn't scratched the burning itch that I had. I always imagined myself as this ridiculously successful escort that was living her dream life to fullest. So naturally, when my relationship ended, the first thing I wanted to do was escort.

I searched for another agency as I thought that would be the safest way to go about it but failed to find one that I thought was suitable. I did, however, find a well known site called AW. A few days later and I was ready to take the plunge, I was verified, my profile had roughly two short paragraphs and a couple of pictures. Imogen Mae was created!

My first AW booking was with a lovely gent who turned into a fortnightly regular for over a year. Finding my way to the hotel room, I was excited not nervous. (A side note; I have never once been nervous about meeting a client, which isn't considered the norm I know). We met for an hour and a half which I found went by so quickly. We shared a bath and had some fun. This time I wasn't shy, I was oozing with confidence, I was able to take the lead and I felt exactly as I wished I'd have felt back when I was eighteen.

Since then I have grown to be the best version of Imogen Mae and I've loved ever single minute of it!

To conclude; I started escorting purely because I wanted to be an escort. There has never been any other motive. I'm afraid, or rather not, that I have no sob story for you. I wasn't in debt, I wasn't addicted to anything, I didn't have a troubled upbringing. I simply aspired to be a wonderful escort. It was a career choice.

I have been a fully independent escort since January 2015.

Escorting is my chosen career, which isn't something I've always been comfortable with. I do have a brain, I am educated and do have a second career which I do very well in however I've come to accept that escorting is my first choice of career and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Some people are destined to be doctors, lawyers or sheep herders. It just so happened that I was destined to be a professional shagger!