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Three steps to Imogen Mae heaven…

It is an honour to be invited to be the first external contributor to Imogen’s blog pages. But it also presents a major challenge – to do her justice, add something to her profile, whilst not slipping into a shallow list of titillating superlatives. There are many perspectives to the relationship I believe Imogen and I have shaped over the last year about which I could write. For my first blog, though, let me outline my advice on the ‘three steps to Imogen Mae heaven’ should you seek to become a regular member of her client list.

First, look at your reasons for seeking an escort’s companionship. What is the balance you want between physical, social, emotional and intellectual intimacy? Imogen is undoubtedly expert in all four areas and has the rare talent in being able to operate effortlessly across and between the four. I suggest ‘Imogen Mae heaven’ is found in the richness of the episode – the ‘all four seasons in a session’ experience. A one-dimensional physical frolic will be a missed opportunity – instant gratification but a lost enduring memory.

Second – communicate courteously, clearly and concisely. Imogen is open-minded and considers a well-presented proposition on its merits. My motivation and my ‘ask’ of Imogen were quite unique to me. I understand they were unusual and perhaps quite demanding for her. She replied promptly, positively and sympathetically. Respect Imogen’s directness of response by saving the details and nuances for the session. She has a busy schedule and should not be expected to engage in endless pre-session negotiations. You can be confident she will deliver.

Which leads me to my third and perhaps most important step to heaven. Give the episodes and the relationship the time they merit. A two-hour meeting literally flies by and is the absolute minimum in my opinion. Allowing the session to mature and breathe – like a fine wine – enables you to savour the many colours of your companion. And I have to say that each subsequent meeting has enriched our connection. Imogen and I have often discussed the distinction between the shallow/many/short-term and the deep/few/longer-term business models of escorting. For me, Imogen Mae heaven is definitely found in the deeper end of the spectrum over an extended period.

As we enter the second year of our relationship, I wonder how it will develop. What new adventures and intimacies might we experience? Are there fourth and fifth steps to Imogen Mae heaven that we will discover together and that I can contribute to her personal and professional journey?

I am at the sort of age where a person begins thinking about making a bucket-list of things he/she wants to do before old age begins to seriously curtail the opportunities life has to offer. If any readers of this blog are in the process of compiling your bucket-list – make sure time with Imogen Mae is on it!